Afrikan Clothing Co.

What products will we first offer?

Check out the Concept of our product line! Our designs are inspired by a strong belief that Sub-Saharan Africa has the potential to become a new world leader, culturally, economically and socially, by reclaiming the rights to their own rich cultural heritage, a well as the understanding that women are the leaders of and to a brighter future. Our intention is to ensure that economic growth directly benefits Africans first and foremost.

Line drawing of the mumu


Rooster print

This dress will fit comfortably any day of the month, any day of the year. Wear it over a swimsuit or leggings. It’ll make you feel fabulous and free, and it has nice big hidden pockets. We love this design for its simplicity and the space for some of our favorite big motifs!

Floral print


Line drawing of the Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket, or long jacket - you choose! This roomy fit jacket can be dressed up but it can’t be dressed down. And neither can you. Take yourself seriously. Take your jackets seriously. Plenty of cargo room, soft, luxurious lining - so you can roll your sleeves up and still look classy - what else do you need?

Fitted Pants

Line drawing of the Pants
Sparrow print

Everybody needs ‘em. Why not have them in an impressively strikingly stylish print? And don’t worry - they have real pockets, they are comfortable and impressive, and they show off those gams! There’s nothing wrong with nabbing a couple pairs of these.


Pineapple print
Line drawing of the Romper

This one’s for when you really want to emulate an African Queen. It’s impossible to have a bad day in this. Disclaimer: not for people who like to blend in. Again, designed for optimum move-around-ability, and yes, it has pockets. We know you’re not a manikin, so we promise we will always give you pockets.