Afrikan Clothing Co.

What makes us different?

Our model is simple. Our designers create customizable, fierce looks for queenly customers in the US, you put in some simple measurements with your order and they make you gorgeous, custom-fit garments that you’ll wear for a long time. After production costs, the profits generated by your purchase go directly into a fund which is controlled by the women who made your garment, so that it can have a lasting impact on the lives of women and girls in their region.

How all pieces of the organization are connected
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Our Foundation

Profits will be directly funneled into a foundation that is controlled by the women who work to bring you these fabulous designs, because they know best what is needed in their communities. The purpose of the funds is to create more and better opportunities for women and girls, because in the end, we believe in girls, above all else, and we know that’s the best place to start when you are looking to improve the wellbeing of any community.

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Our Product Designs

Our small team of designers in Kenya, are working to create designs that feature some of our favorite african prints, and that fit you and your lifestyle. We want you to love these garments as much as you love the story behind them, which means they are intended to fit like a glove, give you freedom to be you, and last for decades. Our designs start out with customization in mind, as well as flexibility of movement, practically (read pockets), and durability so you can express every side of you.

Our Customers

Our product is all about exuding benevolent power, so we consider all our customers Queens. This means they understand the effectiveness of voting with their dollar and have an awareness of the reach they can have by buying responsibly and opening up to diverse perspectives. They are generous and well-informed. They are willing to pay a little more for quality and a good fit. They will treasure their purchases and the stories they bring to mind of transformation and empowerment.

Our Scaling Plan

Once this fashion house in Nairobi is up and running, we’ll duplicate it in other parts of Sub Saharan Africa while they work on expanding their business, training on new workers and continuing to sell quality custom apparel through our website. Eventually we hope to have an empire of women creating fashion that makes a difference.

About Our Founder

A headshot of our founder, Sonia Fay Stolfo

Sonia Fay Stolfo

Founder, Creative Director

Sonia Fay Stolfo brings to the table a creative upbringing, a degree in Economics, and a passion for female-centered social innovation. She has a background in Nonprofit development and administration, and is a small-time, self-taught designer herself with experience using industrial machines to construct quality garments. She thrives on collaboration. For Sonia Fay, this business is a way to participate in a growing international social economy, while celebrating female empowerment and feminine leadership.

Why East Africa?

In college, Sonia Fay traveled to East Africa and learned about the region’s rich and tragic cultural, economic, political and biological history. While there, she also fell in love with the abundance of colorful wax prints. With a mind to transform the landscape of international wealth distribution, she embarked on a journey toward a career in economic development aid. In 2016, inspired by a few designers of the African Diaspora selling gorgeous wax print clothing in the US, she realized a social enterprise with a creative focus was the best way to make an impact.

The fashion industry needs a shake-down more than any other, when it comes to ethics, sustainability, and a redefinition of how we value the things we buy. She is determined to bring conscious consumers the opportunity to buy this beautiful custom made clothing that creates a connection between women across worlds and a lasting impact on the lives of both. She sees a world in which we not only know Where our clothes were made, but by Whom, from WHAT, and most importantly, WHY.